Vision for the JE Microsite

The vision for the JE microsite is to create a repository of information that is authentic, credible, comprehensive and relevant to the research community as well as to policy makers. This microsite aims to bring together donors, global partners, NGOs, communities, grassroots workers and research organisations. It provides a platform to share their rich body of work and resources, seeking avenues for collaboration and joint research that can inform and guide implementing agencies to develop strategies that can benefit impacted communities, saving lives and restoring economic benefits. It also hopes to bring in the private sector as a major partner, guiding them through research-based evidence to contribute to JE prevention and control efforts, especially in resource constrained settings.

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Disease Outbreak News

JE outbreaks are being reported from previously unknown foci. Further, encephalitis outbreaks of other aetiologies in endemic areas have only added to their complexity. For programme managers, researchers and community health professionals, access to accurate and updated information is key to planning interventions and other relief measures.

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